What’s in a Pill of TenGenix?

Creating the best penis enlargement pill isn’t a walk in the park. Formulating any supplement is more complex than it sounds. Some might think that supplement companies just pick ingredients that they like and just whack them all into a blender and see how it goes. Creating a supplement involves as much science, patience, and thinking-out-of-the-box to come up with a products that customers would actually buy. For TenGenix, creating the pill took more than two years, and that long process proved to be worth it as TenGenix is now recognized as one of the most comprehensive male enhancement supplement, complete with the most compelling scientific evidence to support its claims. Achieving the trifecta of SIZE, STAMINA, and SEXUAL ENDURANCE is not simple. Many other supplement companies claim that they can do what TenGenix can do, but there isn’t a product in the market today that can come close to the effectiveness of TenGenix, and that’s all because of meticulous and patient research and development.

How the TenGenix Formula was created

The TenGenix formula performed well in clinical tests, but the TenGenix team knew that it would not matter if it does not perform as it should in real-world scenarios. The team reached out to various individuals to test the formula for an extended period of time. Various individuals, including naturopaths, porn producers, and regular Joes, agreed to test TenGenix under the code name 10-G. During the initial stages of the test phase, TenGenix proved to be quite effective – 93% of all test participants indicated that they noticed an improvement in sexual desire and stamina after the first week. After the 30th day of testing, the team conducted another test and revealed that 60% of the test participants noticed an increase in penis size (length, girth, or both). While getting results on 6/10 test participants should be an acceptable margin, the TenGenix team strived for perfection and conducted a survey which revealed what their participants want from the product. During the time that TenGenix was being tested, the team understood more about what men are really looking for in a male enhancement supplement. Several test subjects indicated that they want the supplement to be effective in just minutes, and others want the penis enlargement effect to be achieved in a much shorter period of time. Several improvements were made to the formula, and in a separate testing phase, users indicated a much more impressive margin – 98% reported an increase in sexual desire and stamina, and 70% of users started noticing an increase in penis size in just 2 weeks. In addition to that, the exit survey of the test phase revealed that the TenGenix formula was so effective, that it made more progress on its secondary benefits – much more than what was expected of the formula. 9 out of 10 users reported an increase in hardness, ejaculate volume, and sexual stamina.

The test phase ran for 60 days, with a whopping 95% satisfaction rating from its users. The best part of the test is that the program participants wanted to continue using TenGenix after the test phase. The team decided to keep the 10-G program name in TenGenix, signifying the 10 benefits that the users can experience by using TenGenix regularly.

The ingredients of TenGenix

The formula is just as good as the quality of ingredients. That’s why TenGenix makes sure that it uses top-quality ingredients, extracted using state of the art equipment, to yield the highest potency ratio. High potency ratios enable them to lower the relative mass of the ingredient in the formula without sacrificing its effectiveness. Each ingredient is carefully formulated to work in conjunction with the other ingredients in the pill. Unlike other pills that would have you take 3-5 pills a day just to keep up with the dosage, TenGenix has a balanced formula that allows each ingredient to reach peak effectiveness.

Here are some of the ingredients in TenGenix:

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the most complete male enhancement supplement ingredients known to man. Tongkat Ali fulfils many roles in male enhancement that is vital to improving the sexual health of the user. In the TenGenix formula, Tongkat Ali is the main testosterone booster, which triggers an increase in sexual stamina. Tongkat Ali also works as a PDE-5 inhibitor, similar to Viagra and Cialis. It’s probably why it gained the monicker Asian Viagra in the 90s when Viagra was all the rave in the industry. It works by blocking phosphodiesterase-5, the enzyme that reduces cGMP levels in the body. Lastly, Tongkat Ali blocks free calcium in the body that causes the penis to lose its hardness while engaged in sexual activity.


L-Arginine is the primary vasodilator in the formula. L-Arginine works by acting as a precursor to nitric oxide. Just like other nitric oxide boosters, L-Arginine is widely used in the bodybuilding scene to increase pump and muscle strength. In male enhancement, L-Arginine is an ingredient that prevents erectile dysfunction. In concentrated forms, it can increase blood flow in a way that it triggers the expansion of penile tissue.

Maca root

Maca root greatly increases sexual stamina by regulating the hormones in the body. Maca root inhibits prolactin in the brain, which is the main contributor to the duration of the refractory period in men. The refractory period is the period of rest following an orgasm, in which men feel no interest in pursuing sexual activity. Maca root greatly reduces the refractory period to allow men to be aroused again after having an orgasm in a much shorter timeframe.

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